Monday, July 22, 2013


I have been pretty absent from the blogosphere lately. I could say that I have not had time to blog, but that would not be true. I could say that I have not had anything to write about, but that is not entirely accurate either.

The truth is that I have not written here because I am afraid. I do not consider myself a fearful person. I do not shy away from things new or risky. But, I do care about the reactions of people...

...and every darn thing I have wanted to write about in the past couple months is steeped with controversy. So, I have been sitting on my hands, afraid to say anything. I am not sure that simply "pleading the Fifth" has benefited me much in this scenario, but I have been feeling the need to play it safe.

In all the silence and the playing it safe, I have realized there are things that I am missing. I miss diversity. I miss heterogeneous communities. I miss multilingual meetings. I miss spice. I miss debate. I miss passion and intensity. I am not sure that I miss controversy, but I think I might be willing to take a stab at being a little bit more controversial.

Ultimately, I want to grow and change and become a more beautiful, more loving, more generous, more understanding person. And, I am realizing that engaging with controversy is one of the things that helps me become better.