Thursday, July 15, 2010

I will thank my God...

"i will thank my God every time I remember you
i will praise Him constantly for my brothers, my sisters, my family
my brothers, my sisters, my family"

I just wanted to put a post together to give a shout out to my super amazing family! I do not tell them often enough how much I love them and how thankful I am for their continual support. I am sure that they often think I am absolutely crazy, but they never fail to support me 110 percent to follow what God has put inside of me.
My parents are wonderful, and as much as I know that it does not thrill them for me to be living on the other side of the world, they are nothing but supportive. I am sure that when I was a shy little girl and they told me I could do anything I wanted, this was not what they had in mind. And, I am sure it has occasionally occurred to them that they had wished they had put a few more stipulations on "anything I wanted."
My sister and brother-in-law are a constant encouragement to me. It has been such a huge blessing to me to watch them over the last several years, to walk through difficult situations, to hunger for more of God. I am so excited for the journey they are currently walking through, and I can't wait for Caleb to come home. Caleb, you have some really great parents, and even though your aunt may not be around much, she loves you more than you know!!!!
My two favorite nieces inspire me every day. I am watching them grow (though not as closely as I might like) into beautiful young ladies who love Jesus and love other people. Riley is always seeking to give to others, and I love that! I pray you never lose that generous spirit, Riley. And, Caroline. She makes me smile! I love her determined spirit. There is no doing something halfway. That will serve you well in the future, Miss Caroline!
My brother and sister-in-law have blessed me more than they know. Their commitment to God and the work He has called them to do is exciting. They have certainly showed me what it means to bloom where you are planted without growing too comfortable by still remembering to dream and prepare for the future. Tyler is quite a little man! He's definitely a mover and a shaker, and Aunt Heather likes that, Tyler! It bodes well for the future God has for you. And, Aden, I love our cuddles and your smiles, and I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do with your future!

"i know your love has shaped me like water in a gorge
my Maker knew what i'd need and He gave me much more"
alathea, "my family"

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  1. Beautiful post Heather...and a beautiful family. Priceless.