Thursday, September 2, 2010

all before lunch!

I know many people often wonder what I do with my days in Cambodia, so I decided I would give you a little rundown of what a day sometimes looks for me. Today, for example, started out a little like this...

Wake up.
Spend some time with Jesus.
Shower. (This is shower 1 of usually 2 per day.)
Catch up on emails.
Go through some research.
Khmer lesson.
Buy a helmet.
Bike to office supply store.
Answer phone and have a conversation to set up a meeting for the next day all while riding my bike in traffic.
Go to the market and buy a papaya and some pomegranates.
Go to another market to buy some vegetables.
Bike home carrying my bag, a bag of office supplies and two bags of produce.
Sit down to sift through some more research.

And, lunchtime.

I won't even go into what the rest of my day looked like, but it did involve less running around than my morning. Now, I wouldn't say that today was a "typical" day, but I certainly wouldn't classify it as unusual.

Life here operates on a different schedule, and it is one to which I am growing quite accustomed. I love having freedom in my days and in my schedules. I love being relaxed and focusing on people and relationships. And, I love fresh papaya!

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