Saturday, January 1, 2011


Where did it go?
I feel like 2010 was one of the most amazing, most challenging years for me, filled with mountains and valleys. I am not even sure how to sum up the year, so I will try to pick my top ten from 2010 (seems appropriate, right?).

1. I officially made Cambodia my home.
2. I visited Vietnam, Thailand, and Australia (including my uncle and cousin), as well as several Cambodian provinces.
3. I was blessed with two new nephews (love you, Aden and Caleb!)
4. Logged more hours than I can count behind the wheel of a car in order to visit as many people as possible while I was in America for 9 weeks during the summer.
5. Had my heart officially stolen by the children of Cambodia.
6. I ran a half marathon around Angkor Wat.
7. I learned enough Khmer to carry on conversations with people (and I am still learning!).
8. I celebrated my Grandpa's 85th birthday with him. I love you, Grandpa.
9. I made many great friends, said good-bye to many wonderful friends, and welcomed new friends into my life.
10. I purchased a motorbike and joined the chaos of the streets in the Penh.

I feel like this list is terribly inadequate in trying to share a glimpse of my life. So many things have happened, and God has been faithful through it all. He never changes. And, I am excited to see what He has up His sleeve for 2011.

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