Tuesday, December 18, 2012

bad blogger

i have been a bad blogger as of late. i apologize. i like to write regularly. writing is good for my soul. i process a lot of life this way.
but, sometimes i go through times when i simply do not write as much as i would like. often these times are those during which i should probably be writing the most because there is much going on, much to be processed. but, i just get overwhelmed and words escape me.
this is the place i have been for the last several weeks. stress levels are high. final projects are creeping up. decisions about the future must be made. and, i am still wondering what happened to 2012.

so, instead of writing, i have been sitting...or at least trying to. sitting at the feet of a Savior. marveling at how He became flesh. anticipating the celebration of His arrival. listening for His voice beckoning me. living in His glorious light.

the writing will return. it always does. but, i wouldn't hold your breath for much more here until the calendar turns another page...

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