Sunday, April 25, 2010


Dear pedophile from a Western country who visited Cambodia about 18 months ago,
I saw your child the other day. He is a happy 9-month-old living in a slum village in Cambodia. His 12-year-old aunt was toting him around on her hip that day. His bloated belly peeked out from underneath his shirt, and his pants were nowhere to be found. I knew he was yours because he had your dirty blonde hair rather than the Khmer black. His nose had a large bridge, too, as opposed to the Asian flat noses of his other family members. And, though he was smudged with dirt, I could tell he inherited your lighter skin tone as well. His eyes were Asian and his round face. I just wanted to let you know about him because I was afraid you might have forgotten about your time here. I wanted to let you know that even if you forget, your son and his mother will not. You left behind far too many reminders...

Dear sweet baby in Cambodia,
Though you will never meet your biological father, you have the best Daddy ever. You may not have been planned, but your Daddy knew your beginning from your end. He loved you before you were even born, before the beginning of time. He has a plan for your life. He will never leave you. He is sending hope to you. And with that hope, you can change the nation of Cambodia and the world. Hold tight, baby, God is carrying you...

Dear God,
Help me to be the person you have called me to be. Help me to remember that vengeance is Yours, and it is not my place to judge. Help me to love the children. Help me to love the abused. Help me to love the broken. Help me to love the pedophiles. Help me to love the rapists. Help me to love the lost. Help me to love the arrogant and the ignorant. Help me to step up and go forth in the purpose that You have for my life. Help me to change the thing at a time...


  1. Tears welling, heart breaking. Praying for you and each life you encounter on the journey God has you on. I love you!!!

  2. Love you... :)
    Thank you for all you are and for being obedient. I know you are impacting so many lives. Praying for you!

  3. with tears I thank you for this post. I needed those words as God addresses me for my shortfalls. Keep up His work and I'll keep you in my prayers.

  4. i'm with reagan.
    thanks for this.