Wednesday, April 27, 2011

faint not

Sometimes I find that life gets a bit overwhelming. I love my life. I really, really do. And, I cannot imagine doing anything else or being anywhere else right now.
And, most days I don't think too much about the smell of sewage assaulting my nose or the perpetual state of sweat or the chaos of navigating the streets.
Most days these things are all overshadowed by wonderful things, such as taking cupcakes to a friend and then sitting on the floor of her house with her and her husband and their new baby talking about life and love and thanking Jesus or being so excited to see my language teacher/friend for the first time in weeks that we hardly get any real "studying" done because we are just talking about life or seeing my "little brothers" grow and learn.
But, there are some days when my prayer is this...
"o my soul, faint not, no faint not
o my soul, keep up, up
in love
where there is hatred, let me sow love
where there is injury, let me pardon
where there is darkness, let the Light come, come
o my soul, faint not, no faint not
o my soul, keep up, up
in love"
~ jenny & tyler, "faint not"

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