Thursday, February 2, 2012

things that make you...

...well, I am not sure exactly what they make you do. Giggle? Furrow your brow in confusion? Roll your eyes? Stop in your tracks? Catch your draw before it hits the floor? Go huh, really?

But, here are a few random things from my week, let me know what they make you do!

1. My landlord came up to my apartment the other day to collect the month's rent and utilities. His first words to me were (in Khmer, of course), "You were so beautiful and white when you came back from America, but you are already ugly and black." He giggled and told me he was just kidding, which I knew he was, and I laughed to...but mostly at the fact that I don't think I have gotten that much darker in the last month.
2. I have officially determined that, against all laws of nature and gravity, my hair gets curlier as it gets longer. Weird.
3. There are heroes living in corners of the world that most people never see. One of those heroes is a woman who has voluntarily taken in the most beautiful (and difficult) epileptic little girl who has irreparable brain damage. I wish I had gold stars to give her.
4. Betel nuts really do stain your teeth a nasty color.
5. While sitting in a sweet grandmother's tiny wooden house, I was asked in Khmer about the conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians. What would I say to them? How would I help them? about being caught off guard...

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