Sunday, July 3, 2011


12 things that brought me joy before 12pm today.

1. Running in the "quiet" and "cool" of the morning.
2. Driving FAST on the highway!
3. Drinking iced coffee out of a plastic bag.
4. Sitting in a red plastic chair with some of my Khmer brothers and sisters to worship our awesome God.
5. Chatting with a family about how much I DON'T love "prahok." ("Prahok" is fermented fish paste for those of you who may not have had the unfortunate encounter with it's assaulting odor and taste.)
6. Dirt roads.
7. Rice paddies.
8. Grilled fish and green mango salad.
9. Meeting my friend's beautiful grandmother.
10. Ongkoi layng. (Sitting around with friends.)
11. Getting my broken mirror fixed...finally.
12. Beautiful, beautiful friends in a beautiful, beautiful country.

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