Thursday, June 30, 2011


I love words, in all of their many forms. I love reading. I love writing. I love games with words. I love speaking words. I love teaching words. I love making puns with words.

But, sometimes words are difficult. Sometimes there are no words to communicate things. Sometimes it is hard to choose the right words. Sometimes words are used carelessly. Sometimes words contradict the things we say with our bodies.

As I continue to study another language, I realize more and more the complexity of words. But, more than that, I learn that sharing words together can add so much to a relationship. I have had really awesome, really intentional time with amazing men and women in the past couple weeks, men and women with whom I struggle to use the right words. I struggle to explain myself. I struggle to string together coherent sentences. I struggle to understand the words they speak back to me. I struggle as I try to speak their heart language to them because they deserve to be heard and understood and spoken to in the language of the nation they call home.

But, I am getting there. I am learning. I am learning new words every day. And, I am learning that sharing words together is important and making the time to share those words is even more important. I am thankful for intentional sitting on the side of the street for 30 minutes talking about life because that is what makes my friend feel loved and shows her that Jesus loves her. I am thankful for ice cream and choosing flavors to share together with a beautiful friend. I am thankful for sitting on the floor eating rice together, sharing about how we can pray for each other's families.

I am thankful for God's gifts in my life, and I am thankful that many of those gifts have come in the form of kind-hearted, beautiful people.

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