Wednesday, December 16, 2009

High Tea

Last week I had the opportunity to go to High Tea. There is a vocational training program here that does both beauty training and teaches the girls how to have a tea party! So, a group of ladies got together for tea. It was really fun!
Some of the goodies! Those are cucumber sandwiches on the left (it wouldn't be high tea without them, right?) as well as some slices of baguette with roasted veggies and cheese. There are a variety of spring rolls on the right.
Some of the amazing treats! The Christmas cupcakes were delicious. There are also rumbles, passion fruit tarts, ginger tarts, and a few other tarts of various kinds.
This is Lida and I. Lida with her husband and daughter were here doing some work with the SHE home. Unfortunately, they had to leave a few weeks early due to some health concerns.
This is lovely Lida and her lovely daughter Karien.

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