Saturday, December 5, 2009

the riverfront

I was out last night with some friends. We went to the Night Market, and then we went walking along the riverfront. It was a busy night along the riverfront. There were people eating at cafes and restaurants all along the way. There were a lot of Westerners out and about as well as locals.
There were also a lot of children. A lot of naked children sleeping on the sidewalks covered with just scarves. There were children selling books. There were women carrying around their infants and begging. There were men sitting on the sidewalk holding up plastic bowls, hoping for just a little bit of cash. There were amputees pulling themselves around on carts. There were women inside "massage" parlors waiting for customers.
This is the less than beautiful side of this country. The empty rows of chairs along the entrance of karaoke bars that earlier in the night held young women dressed in silks with caked on make-up rarely mean that the girls have gone home for the night.
This is where I live now. This is what I see. This is what breaks my heart. This is why I am here.


  1. "But all who devour you will be devoured; all your enemies will go into exile. Those who plunder you will be plundered; all who make spoil of you I will despoil.
    But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds, declares the Lord, because you are called an outcast, Zion for whom no one cares." ~Jeremiah 30:16,17

    I love righteous justice.

  2. i would love for you to write more on "this is why i am here." i read your post, and my heart breaks, vicariously, but i want to know more about "this is why i am here."
    is it just to see what you're seeing? or to recognize it, and then to somehow gather people together to try to change it?
    or is it to help individuals in any way you can, and if so, in what ways? offering what?
    a smaller question, but still just as important is, what do you do on a nightly basis in response to those outstretched hands?

    those questions asked, i hope you know how much i respect and am thankful for your outstretched hands. i am appreciating learning from your journey.