Thursday, December 10, 2009

Workin' It!

This is aerobics done Cambodian style. I love it! The guy in the pink pants with the white shirt is the instructor. He has a headset on and shouts instructions in Khmer while they work out to the music. On any given morning or evening you can find multiple groups going at any park. This particular one is at Olympic Stadium, and the group is really just starting to form. Sometimes there will be 50-100 people all in a group doing it. I am definitely planning to join sometime!


  1. You see this sort of thing quite a lot in Thailand also! In fact, we had an outreach when we were here several years ago in which Sara and I would lead Tae Bo in front of the church... right on on the main street through the city!

    It was quite fun once we got used to making a fool of ourselves!