Thursday, January 7, 2010

And the answer is...

I just want to say thanks to everyone who played my little game, but next time I expect more participation!!! I know there are more of you reading my blog!

Anyway, here are the much-anticipated answers to what exactly those photos are...

1. This is tamarind. I think it is classified as a fruit, and it is quite interesting. You peel the thick skin off and eat the inside, which is soft and brown, but make sure you spit out the seeds (they're nasty!). It has an interesting flavor and texture, but it is definitely not bad. (I had previously had a bad experience with dried tamarind and had I known that was what was being offered to me here, I probably would have politely turned it down. But, because I was blissfully ignorant, I have actually come to quite like it.)

2. What is she carrying? Well, stick a straw in that bag, folks! It is some kind of soda/beverage thing. I have not actually tried it, but the Khmer people really seem to enjoy it. They are often walking down the street with them. It can't be that bad, right?

3. Definitely not pepsi, but isn't an old pepsi bottle where you keep your gasoline? That, my friends, is your average side of the road gas station. You know, one stop shopping. You get your chips, your candy, and some gas for your moto. Seems safe, huh?

4. This one seemed to puzzle everyone. The Khmer people put their leftover rice out to dry in the sun (often times along with some fish). So, this is rice drying on an old rice sack in front of someone's home. What they do with the dried rice is a bit of a mystery. I assume they probably eat it...but I'm not real sure...

5. In addition to rice (and fish), you will often see people drying bananas out in the sun. So, that is what we have here. These bananas are at varying stages of dehydration.

6. And yes, this sign is prohibiting dogs from pooping on the grass. However, I don't really think the dogs can read the sign. And let's be honest, people don't take their pet dogs for walks here. If there is a dog out, it is wandering around by itself in most cases. Thus, I am not sure how much good this sign really does except for providing a laugh to all the Westerners walking past.

There you have it! A little taste of my incredibly fun, daily life!!!

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  1. Thank you for the post!!! I kept checking for the answers!!!