Thursday, January 14, 2010

Fruit Frenzy!!!

Anyone who knows me well knows that I absolutely love fruit!!! So, since I have been living in the tropics, I have been taking full advantage of all of the beautiful, fresh, tropical fruit that I can get my hands on. These photos are just a small taste of the many varieties of fruit here.

These are mangosteens.
You cut them open, and you eat the white, fleshy part in the center. They are divine and very sweet! They are supposed to be really good for you as well, full of antioxidants, no doubt!
This is a dragon fruit.
You cut off the ends and the pink flesh easily peels off revealing a lovely white center with little black seeds. Dragon fruit doesn't have a lot of flavor, but it is very refreshing when it is cold (think watermelon in terms of refreshing).
This is a jackfruit. (I obviously did not take this picture because I slacked and didn't get a picture of a whole jackfruit.)
You cut open the jack fruit to reveal several yellow pod-like things. They are delicious! There is a big pit inside each of the sections, and the fruit is a bit waxy looking. But, I think I would grow my own tree if I could!!
This is a mango. This is what a fresh, ripe mango looks like. Not that crap that you get in the produce section at Walmart.
And, this is what fresh cut-up mango looks like. Mmmmmmm!!!!!
This is a passionfruit, which is another one of my favorites.
You just cut the top off of the fruit.
And, you spoon out the center. If you are a person who has issues with texture, this is probably not the fruit for you. The yellow pulp is pretty slimy and the seeds (it's ok to eat them) are a bit crunchy, making for an interesting combination. But, if you can get past the funky texture, they taste great and definitely have a little sour bite.
These are rambutans.
You peel off the spiny exteriou to reveal a white fleshy ball, similar to a peeled grape in appearance. These have a pit in the middle as well, but they are really good and refreshing as well.
So, there are a few fruits that I am enjoying. There are also several varieties of bananas, green mangoes, all kinds of oranges and tangerines, sapodillas, papayas, pineapple, pomegranate, rose apples, and all kinds of things I have never seen before that I am not sure even have English names! And, believe it or not, I am actually acquiring a taste for the mixture of salt and chilies that they dip most of their fruit in here. As gross as it may sound to you, green mango dipped in chili salt is actually quite tasty!!!


  1. This is Mom. Glad to see you're eating healthy.

  2. i haven't seen these fruits since i went to Thailand! they're all SO good.