Friday, January 1, 2010

Name that picture!!!

I thought I would take some pictures of some now familiar sights for me, and give you all an opportunity to guess as to what you think they are. So, PLEASE play along!!! Just put your answers in the comments section, and I will give you all the actual answers in a few days. (I figure this will be a good gauge to see who is actually reading my blog as well...a girl gets curious!) AND, if you are currently living in Southeast Asia or have ever lived in Southeast Asia, give everyone else a shot first, ok?

1. What are these?
2. What is she carrying in the bag in her right hand?3. It is clearly not Pepsi in that bottle. What do you think it is?
4. What is going on here?
5. What is this?
6. And just for fun, what is this sign prohibiting?
Enjoy! I am looking forward to reading your responses!!!


  1. 1. brains
    2. lemonade
    3. water
    4. someone's street bed
    5. bananas
    6. no dog walking

  2. You Mom is anonymous. I can't figure out any other way to post.

  3. I'm pretty sure I know #'s 1, 3, 5, & 6 and have a pretty good guess on #2. I'm confused by 4... I'll let others respond before adding my two cents! Glad you are well! Happy New Year!

  4. Heather: Trey, Alex and I (Laura) are answering together for these. Have fun with our answers!

    1. T - brains
    A - worms
    L- sausage

    2. T - lemonade
    A - pee
    L - cooking oil

    3. T - cooking oil
    A & L - ginger ale

    4. T - painting
    A - water sliding
    L - someone's bed

    5. T - bananas and peanut shells
    A & L - bananas

    6. T - no dog walking
    A & L - no dog pooping

    Thanks for posting these! It was fun to guess. We love you!!!!


  5. 1. s-fried worms r-sausage
    2. s-chicken broth or fresh cheese r- lemonade
    3. s and r- green tea
    4. s and r- a bed on the street
    5. s bananas or plantain
    6. s and r - no dog poo

  6. 1. Ginger Root
    2. Mountain Dew
    3. Green Tea
    4. Break Dancing Pad
    5. Dried Bananas
    6. No Pooping on the grass

  7. 1. Peanuts
    2. Broth
    3. Tea
    4. Rice dancing
    5. Bananas
    6. No pooping

  8. 1. Peanuts
    2. lemonade
    3. tea
    4. bed
    5. potatoes
    6. No pooping on the grass

  9. Changed my mind about #1. I think it is soybeans.

  10. 1. sausage
    2. best guess is pee, but that can't be right...can it?
    3. ginger ale
    4. sleeping in the street
    5. fried peanuts
    6. "No dogs (or Heathers) pooing in the grass. Thank you."