Sunday, November 8, 2009

Australian wildlife?

So, I am sure you are all expecting pictures of some real Australian wildlife. Well, I would love to show you some, but unfortunately, I have not been able to capture any great photos as of yet. I see cockatoos just down from my house nearly every morning, but the one day I had a camera with me they were nowhere to be found. I am told that there are sometimes wallabies behind our house here, but I have yet to see them. And, I am quite sure that kangaroos are not the Australian deer because I have yet to see a single one. I will, however, find all of these animals and more and take wonderful pictures of them for you all, but, until then, you will have to settle for what "wildlife" I have had time to capture.

This is Bailey. He belongs to the family I am living with and recently had surgery on his tail. He is wonderfully sweet, and we have become quick friends.
This is Bacardi. He also belongs to the family I am living with. He is really a gorgeous cat, and he has a pretty typical cat attitude. He sleeps a lot and disappears for long periods of time when he doesn't want to be bothered.
So, you can't really tell what this is, but there is a mouse there. Apparently, they had been trying to catch him for awhile and were finally able to trap him between the screen and the window here. Then, the hope was to force him into this container, slap a lid on it, and take him out to the woods behind the house. This was much more humane than what I would have chosen. You can kind of see the mouse at the bottom of the tupperware.
Here is a better picture of the mouse. He isn't dead, just stunned. 
And, my final wildlife picture is this. Yes, it is a dead toad. You can't really tell in this picture, but it is really huge for a toad. I should have put my foot or something in the picture for a size comparison. I bet this toad is at least as big as my foot. 
There you have it! Some real Australian "wildlife." If nothing else, I hope these pictures provide you with a chuckle!

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  1. Speaking of a mouse (and also dead stuff on the road, I guess), the other day Riley was riding her bike on the road in front of our house and she discovered a dead mouse. She refused to ride her bike on the road anymore and she wanted me to pick it up and throw it over the fence into the field. Uh, no. She then said I could use a shovel to scoop him up so I wouldn't have to touch it. Still no. I told her to talk to Daddy when he got home. He did remove the poor little mousey, but Riley still refused to ride her bike on the road because there was blood there. Jim refused to clean that up so we told her she would have to wait for it to rain and wash it away. She cracks me up.