Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fire up the barbi!

Surely, you cannot be in Australia without going to a barbecue, right? Well, my new friend Peta didn't think so. Thus, she invited me and some friends over to her place to fire up the barbi and watch a movie. It was a great time! However, the other nationalities actually ended up being more prominent than the Aussies at this event. 
This is Craig grilling up all of our food. There is some chicken, some steak, and some sort of soy patty on that grill. Craig is actually from New Zealand but moved to Brisbane about a year ago.
This is (from l to r) Peta, Cimone, and Cristin. Peta is a born and bred Aussie, but Simon and Cristin are both from South Africa. 
This is a picture of our phenomenal meal--salad, chicken on a stick, garlic toast, and cheesy potato bake. It was delicious!
And, this is me and Peta. We are both exhausted after watching Casablanca.
Peta is the one who picked me up from the airport, and we were definitely quick friends. It did not take us long to find out that we have similar interests and perspectives, and it is amazing how fast we have become comfortable sharing with one another. She is definitely a blessing from God in my life!


  1. Yay for bosom friends (as Anne Shirley would say)!

  2. Heather! I am so excited to read your updates. It's still hard to believe you are there!!! So happy for you. I am thankful that God is sending you friends and helping you to feel His love through people. I treasure you Princess!

  3. Yay for Anne Shirley...whom Peta and I both happened to love incidentally enough!