Friday, November 6, 2009

Settling into the land down under...

I wanted to post a little bit of information about what I am doing in Brisbane, Australia. I am currently doing training for my upcoming stint volunteering with SHE Rescue Home. SHE is an outreach of Citipointe Church. I don't have a wonderful story about how I heard about this ministry. I really inadvertently stumbled upon it through a friend (thanks Laura!). I had done a lot of research on human trafficking and forced prostitution and all the things this ministry was working to stop. My heart was moved with compassion to do something, and that, in a nutshell, is how I am where I am. This post is going to be pretty short and sweet, but don't worry, I have some much deeper posts brewing that will be posted soon!

This is just outside the main auditorium at Citipointe and to the left is a bookstore and cafe.
It is a really beautiful church filled with lovely people. I can honestly say that as soon as I stepped in the door, I felt the love of the Lord and an earnest desire to bring Him honor. Everyone I have met here literally point others to Christ simply by the way they choose to live their lives. It is truly a beautiful thing. This church is quite large and seeks to really reach out to the community. There is a Bible college, grade school, and high school all on the property. They have multiple services, including a Mandarin Chinese service and a South African service.  
This is a picture around the front of the main building. It really isn't the best picture, so sorry. But, it really is a beautiful facility, and God is definitely present here.

A South African family from the church has invited me into their home while I am here. They are an exceptionally beautiful family, and it is quite evident that God has gifted them with hospitality. I felt welcome from the moment I entered the door. They have a beautiful home and family, including a super adorable 6-year-old son who will talk your ear off if you let him! He happily informed me on my first evening at their home that he was not shy, and he was happy to tell me anything I wanted to know as well as ask me a heap of questions. He makes it a point to tell me to have a good day each morning before he leaves for school and seeks me out at bedtime to tell me to have a good night. I think I might be falling in love with him...
Anyway, here is a view from my bedroom window. It is taken through a screen, so it really isn't the best picture. However, the picture doesn't really do the view justice anyway. It is beautiful, and I can sometimes see cockatoos or other cool Australian wildlife. By the way, the birds here are all HUGE! So, if you would like to remember me in your prayers, I would appreciate that there are no swooping birds while I am walking around. Thanks!
This a view of my room. Yes, there is a pirate ship on my wall. This is normally the 6-year-old's room, but he has so graciously lent it to me for the next few weeks. 
There you have it! That is just a basic rundown of where I am staying and training. I am doing really great, and I have adjusted well to the time difference and everything. The only problem is that the sun comes up here around 4:30am, which makes sleeping past 5:30 or 6 nearly impossible for me (and everyone else it seems!). I have gone for runs at 6am the last 2 days, and you would all be amazed at the heaps of people who are out and about at that time of the morning! I will be sure to update again soon with what God is teaching me while I am here as well as some pictures of some good old Australian fun...there's an Aussie barbecue with some of my new and wonderful friends on the agenda for tomorrow!!!


  1. Alex loves your view. He thinks the pirate ship is cool. But, he thinks your room is a little messy!


  2. i like your quilt the best : )