Thursday, November 12, 2009

A bit of Brisbane

I had a little opportunity to see some of the beauty of Brisbane last night thanks to my friend Danielle! She understood my burning desire to get out and see something that I don't get to see everyday and to explore a bit, so she took me to Wynnum Bay where we got some fish and chips and enjoyed the beauty. Then, we went to the top of Mount Coot-tha, so we could see the city lights of Brisbane. It was beautiful!
This is just a picture of a cute little shop/cafe on the bay where I got my fish and chips.
We got to the bay right around sunset. It was absolutely gorgeous!
This is me and Danielle. Danielle has been to the SHE home before doing the very thing I am preparing to do, and in mid-January she will be coming back to the SHE home as the project director and will be there for a year. She is beautiful, and I am so excited and blessed to be working with her!
There was a bit of wind...
I just really like this one, but it certainly does not do justice to the beauty and tranquility.
This is a picture of the city lights in Brisbane from the top of Mount Coot-tha. It isn't a great picture, but you get the idea!
I am hoping to get to see some more uniquely Aussie things in the coming days.
And, I have a few people who have made it their personal mission that I try all foods that are uniquely Aussie. I have tried vegemite and was less than impressed, though I am told I did not eat it properly. Some others on the list are lambington, vanilla slice, poplova, and whatever else they set in front of me!

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  1. Have you played any Aussie Rules Footie yet while drinking a pint? Maybe even bowl a wicket or two?

    Sorry, that's about all the Aussie I know!